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Jindal Panther TMT Steel Bars (सरिया या TMT स्टील बार)


    Product Description

    Jindal Panther TMT Steel Bars (सरिया या TMT स्टील बार)

    Sizes in mmWeight per piece (kg)
    8 mm4.74 kg
    10 mm7.4 kg
    12 mm10.68 kg
    16 mm18.96 kg
    20 mm29.63 kg
    25 mm46.32kg
    28 mm57.96 kg
    32 mm75.84 kg

    Screenshot 2024 01 30 at 1.34.00 PM
    Unleash Strength, Build with Excellence! Introducing Jindal Premium TMT Steel Bars – The Epitome of Construction Power! 🏗️✨

    Elevate your structures to unparalleled resilience with our Jindal Premium TMT Steel Bars, the gold standard in construction materials! Recognized for their exceptional strength and durability, these bars have garnered prestigious accolades and certifications, setting them apart in the world of building excellence.

    🏆 Awards and Accolades: Our Super Premium TMT Steel Bars have been honored with industry accolades, a testament to their superior quality and performance. Trust in the best to build the best!

    🌐 Internationally Recognized: Embrace a global standard of construction with TMT Steel Bars that have earned international recognition. Your structures deserve the strength that extends beyond borders!

    💡 Innovation at Its Core: Crafted with cutting-edge technology, our TMT Steel Bars redefine the benchmarks of innovation in construction. Your projects deserve nothing less than the extraordinary!

    🛡️ Unrivaled Strength: Experience the epitome of strength and resilience. Our Super Premium TMT Steel Bars stand as the shield against time, weather, and structural challenges, ensuring longevity and safety.

    🌍 Eco-Conscious Excellence: Not just powerful, but responsible too! Our steel bars boast eco-friendly attributes, aligning with your commitment to sustainable and green construction practices.

    Seal your commitment to quality and endurance with Super Premium TMT Steel Bars – Where Recognition Meets Unmatched Strength! 🏗️🌟


    icon 1Economical

    Achieve cost-efficient construction with Jindal Panther’s TMT Rebars of superior strength, reducing steel consumption while maintaining unmatched quality

    tmt icon22Superior weldabilityJindal Panther TMT rebars have low carbon content, making welding safer and faster without requiring preheating. Our HYQST/QST process ensures consistent tensile strength and higher elongation for every inch

    tmt icon33Precision engineeredHigh-quality steel made from virgin iron ore using advanced refining processes with precise chemical control

    tmt icon44Transparent pricing modelOur recommended consumer price for Jindal Panther ensures fair pricing, uniformity and transparency for customers around the globe

    tmt icon55High ductilityCrafted using HYQST technology and iron ore, Jindal Panther TMT Rebars have low sulphur and phosphorus content, resulting in superior strength and durability

    tmt icon66Strong NetworkJindal Panther’s extensive network of dealers and distributors, spanning across India, along with its multi-channel retail presence, enables the company to provide unparalleled services to its customers


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