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Birla White Cement (बिरला व्हाइट सीमेंट)-50KG

Original price was: ₹1,864.41.Current price is: ₹1,313.56.

    Product Description

    Birla White Cement (बिरला व्हाइट सीमेंट) – 50KG

    ✨ Enhance Your Spaces, with Birla White Cement! ✨

    🌈 Unparalleled Whiteness; Achieve brilliance in every brushstroke using our notch cement.

    🎨 Versatile Elegance; Ideal for endeavors crafting and adding a touch of sophistication to both your outdoor areas.

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    💰 Unbeatable Price Guarantee: redefine affordability without compromising on quality. Get value for your money!

    🏡 Inspire, Design, Transform; From do-it-yourself projects to makeovers Birla White Cement offers you creative possibilities.

    🔍 No Returns Accepted Policy: We strive for perfection. Please inspect your order upon arrival. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    💻 Place Your Order Now Unleash your creativity later; reserve your Birla White Cement online from the comfort of your home. Embark on your transformation journey today!

    Packaging Size50 kg
    Packaging TypePP Sack Bag
    Cement GradeGeneral High Grade
    Usage/ApplicationFloor, Wall
    Degree Of Whiteness0.99
    Water ProofYes
    IS StandardIS-8112-1989

    Birla White Cement is essentially a type of white Portland cement that we manufacture in our facilities. It is produced using technology and a state-of-the art manufacturing process, resulting in its fineness and whiteness. With its index and opacity, it provides a smooth finish even when combined with pigments. This allows for a range of options when it comes to colors, textures, shapes, and sizes making it the preferred choice, for paints, plasters, mosaic tiles terrazzo flooring, and other white cement-based value-added products.

    Key Features:
    Achieves a 89% on the Hunter Whiteness Scale
    Possesses a refractive index
    Exhibits excellent compressive strength of 60 MPa
    Offers superior fineness ranging from 370 to 400 Blaine
    Demonstrates high opacity

    Accurately reflects the true tone of colors
    Requires less pigment consumption while ensuring better dispersion
    Provides better coverage
    Enhances surfaces with brilliant luster
    Gives freedom to create designs

    Transform spaces effortlessly with the brilliance of Birla White Cement – where quality meets affordability. ✨🏡 #BirlaWhiteMagic #TransformWithCement #HomeDeliveredElegance

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