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AAC Blocks (एएसी) ब्लॉक्स

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    Product Description

    Best Quality Branded AAC Blocks (एएसी) ब्लॉक्स : Building the Future of Construction

    Introducing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks, a revolutionary solution redefining the landscape of construction. AAC Blocks are crafted through a unique process, resulting in lightweight, high-strength blocks with exceptional thermal insulation and eco-friendly attributes. As we embrace the future of sustainable building practices, AAC Blocks stand out as a superior choice, offering numerous advantages over traditional red clay and fly ash bricks.

    Bigger in size• Reduces Mortar requirement by over 66%
    • Decreases lead me as well as installaon me
    • Reduces cost of construcon of wall
    Lightweight• Leads to lighter dead load on the building structure
    • Easy applicaon
    • Reduces requirement for steel & cement Facilitates ease of work to the mason & increases producvity of the labour
    Dimensional size accuracy• Need for plaster is reduced
    • Reduces the me spent on levelling of blocks
    • Results in cost and me savings
    Thermal insulaon• Maintains the internal temperature of room for longer period• Saves electricity costs
    Fire Resistant• It provides fire safety to the building as the material is fire resistant and has low thermal conducvity ( Refer: Fire Test Report )temperature of room for• Reduces the spread of fire by 2 to 6 hours depending on the thickness of the wall
    Made of inorganic materials• Pest resistant• Avoids damages and losses to furniture, paint surface etc.
    Sound insulaon• Has a commendable Sound
    Transmission Class rang
    • Maintains privacy
    Autoclaved• Blocks are pre cured and do not require any further water curing to gain compressive strength• Results in savings of water at site
    Be er compressive strength• Our blocks have required compressive strength as per menoned in Indian Standard• Stronger walls assured
    Rough surface• Provide be er adhesion in plastering mortar etc.• Reducon in rebound loss and be er strength and durability of plastered wall
    Technical assistance• Our technical representaves provide you with services like sampling of products, doing site audits and are available for technical assistance• Higher construcon efficiency
    Thin joints• Reduces overall joinng material requirement
    • Reduces storage requirement
    • Reduced seepage in comparison to convenonal method
    • Cost is reduced
    • Results in savings on site storage space and handling
    • Protects valuable paints on walls
    Semi-premix• Only water needs to be added before applicaon
    • Easy applicaon
    • No need to procuredifferent materials
    • No need to maintain rao of enre mix
    Self-curing properes• Water curing is not required a er applicaon• Saves water
    • Saves me
    • Save labour cost
    Slow inial seng mortar• More me for block levelling
    • Low inial heat of hydraon
    • Be er workmanship is possible
    Strength designed to suit Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved)• Reduces overall material requirement
    • Increased work output
    • Cost and me savings
    Higher coverage in comparison to convenonal mortar• Provides higher Compressive and Tensile
    Adhesion strength
    • Avoids damages and losses to furniture, paint surface etc.


    SL. NO.ParametersUnitValue
    1Density ( Oven Dry )kg/m2551-650
    2Compressive Strength( MPa )>4N/mm2
    3Shear Strength0.6
    4Modulus of ElascityMps2040
    5Water Absorpon (at Equilibrium)kg/m2 X h 0.54-6
    6Thermal Conducvityw/mk0.16
    7Thermal Resistance ® Value)k/w0.46m
    8Drying Shrinkagemm/mmax 0.20 ( 0.04% )
    9Fire ResistanceHrs4 ( for 200 mm wall )
    10Sound Transmission Class Randb44


    SL. NO.Dimension of AAC Blocks
    ( L X H X B )
    No. Pieces In One
    Cubic Meter
    Wall Area Cover Per
    Cubic Meter (In Foot Approx )
    1625 X 240 X 10066.6107.6
    2625 X 240 X 12553.486
    3625 X 240 X 15044.471.7
    4625 X 240 X 20033.353.8
    5625 X 240 X 22529.647.8
    6625 X 200 X 10080107.6
    7625 X 200 X 1256486
    8625 X 200 X 15053.371.7
    9625 X 200 X 2004053.8
    10625 X 200 X 22535.547.8


    AppearnceGrey Powder
    Pack Size30 kag
    Coverage (3-4mm Thikness)Approx 110 sq feet (For 4’’ Thik Wall)
    Water Required30-35 %
    CuringNo required
    Pot Life60-75minuts


    Advantages to Consider:

    1. Lightweight and Sturdy: AAC Blocks combine the benefits of being lightweight and strong making construction processes easier while ensuring lasting structures.
    2. Outstanding Thermal Insulation: The cellular structure of AAC Blocks provides insulation promoting energy efficiency and reducing reliance, on artificial heating and cooling systems.
    3. Fire Resistant Properties: AAC Blocks naturally possess fire properties making them a secure choice for both commercial buildings.
    4. Superior Sound Insulation: Thanks to their nature AAC Blocks act as sound insulators creating quieter and more comfortable living and working spaces.
    5. Friendly Construction: By using raw materials and energy during manufacturing AAC Blocks contribute to sustainability. Additionally their recyclable nature helps reduce the impact associated with construction waste.

    The Promising Future of AAC Blocks:
    As Indias construction industry evolves it becomes clear that AAC Blocks are the material of choice for the future due to;

    1. Building Practices: There is a growing emphasis on sustainability in the construction industry, which aligns perfectly with the use of AAC Blocks. They contribute to greener and more eco building practices.
    2. Focus on Energy Efficiency: The demand for energy structures is increasing rapidly. With their insulation properties AAC Blocks play a crucial role, in future construction projects.
    3. Innovation and Progress: Ongoing research and development endeavors are predicted to bolster AAC block technology establishing them as a leading choice, in construction methods.

    Superior to Red Clay and Fly Ash Bricks:
    When compared to clay and fly ash bricks AAC Blocks offer undeniable benefits;

    1. Efficient Lightweight: AAC Blocks are considerably lighter making transportation easier and minimizing the burden on structures in contrast, to the heavier red clay and fly ash bricks.
    2. Superior Insulation: AAC Blocks provide superior thermal and sound insulation, surpassing the capabilities of red clay and fly ash bricks, contributing to enhanced comfort and energy savings.
    3. Fire Safety Assurance: AAC Blocks are inherently fire-resistant, providing a higher level of safety compared to the combustible nature of red clay and fly ash bricks.
    4. Precision and Uniformity: AAC Blocks are manufactured with precision, ensuring uniform size and shape, offering advantages over the potential variations found in red clay and fly ash bricks.

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